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For those who don’t know much about this wonderful organisation, they have a strong commitment to create a safe community where no one feels alone or isolated in their grief- no easy feat!

Still aware was founded in 2014 and is the first not-for-profit charity solely dedicated to ending preventable stillbirth.

We challenge behaviours and change habits to save lives. Through cross platform awareness and education initiatives, we promote and provide information backed by research. 

Proud to be an advocate and pay it forward to the community that saved me.

18 years ago my first pregnancy ended in my baby boy stillborn. I’m told nothing prepares you for motherhood, well certainly nothing would prepare me for the months and years that would lie ahead now. With my worst nightmare in front of me, waking every morning hoping it was just a bad dream-but it was real, crying from the minute I woke to the time I fell asleep again at night, trying hard to hide the tears from my {then} boss and colleagues during work hours, spending my lunch hour in a church across the road because it was the only place I could cry without being seen, then going back to the office and hearing whispers of comments like “just get over it” or
“we’ll show you how it’s done”, and trying desperately to fall pregnant again
~ anything ~ that would just take this pain away!

My well-meaning family and friends really didn’t know what to do and their ignorance infuriated me.
My recommendation for anyone dealing with the aftermath of stillbirth is to seek professional advise, connect w the @stillaware community, and stay close to Mother Nature – she’ll guide the way home ♡

To learn more or make a donation thru my fundraiser page {fully tax deductible} you can click the button below.
100% of the proceeds go to the not for profit organisation.

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