by Josephine

H E A L. is the essence of health; complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing with products and services that nourish mind, body and soul.

It’s about healing. Looking within, aligning your body, and achieving your dreams.

H E A L. founding director, renowned homeopath Josephine Zappia has been practising since 2005 and is deeply passionate about health and wellbeing.

Created with intention as your destination for healing and alchemy wellness products & services.

Homeopathy is a medical science. The services are designed to deliver both knowledgeable education and healing with the deep acting homeopathic remedies prescribed after a consultation.

When we dismiss our body’s symptoms by suppressing them with medications, we dismiss our emotions and our own inner guidance.

By allowing homeopathy to gently shift the lens through which we operate, we allow our bodies to align back to #equilibrium and gently let go of what no longer serves our highest good.

Attached to Nothing; Connected to Everything

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“I am deeply passionate about health and wellbeing “

Yours in health

Josephine  ☪︎ ❤︎ ⚡︎